Direct Deposit is Simple, Fast and Free –
It's The Best Way to Add Money

Direct Deposit is the easiest way to load your Vision Visa® Prepaid Card. With Direct Deposit, your paycheck or government benefits check is already on your card when you wake up on paydays. You get your money faster, and you don’t have to wait in line or pay to cash your checks.

  • Free - Stop paying check cashing fees
  • Fast - Have your money when you wake up on payday
  • Secure - No lost checks or cash, which is much safer

Make Your Vision Prepaid Card Your Account For All Your Checks

  • Paychecks - One check, two checks, old checks, new checks. Direct Deposit as many paychecks as you like.
  • Government Benefits Checks - Receive government benefits checks directly to your Vision Prepaid Card.