Add Money
It's so easy to add money to your Vision Visa® Prepaid card! Direct deposit is the best and most convenient way to add your money, but there are many other easy ways to get your cash onto your card.

Direct Deposit – The Best Way to Add Money to Your Card

It’s free. With Direct Deposit, your paycheck, government benefits check or tax refund check is deposited into your account automatically each payday. You get paid faster, and you don’t have to wait in line or pay to cash your checks. The moment your employer pays you, your money is ready to use. Download a Direct Deposit form from your account, provide it to your employer or Government Benefits provider and start enjoying the benefits of Direct Deposit today

Add Cash

Add cash at more than 100,000 locations nationwide.

  • MoneyGram®
  • Western Union®
  • Visa ReadyLink
  • PreCash® locations
  • Buy a REloadit pack at a participating retailer



Click here to search for a retail location nearest you.

A Load Fee (depending upon retailer) will be charged by the retailer each time funds are loaded on your Card. This amount is an independent fee assessed by the individual retailer only and is not assessed by us.


Load your card for free via PayPal.

Card-to-card Transfers

Transfer money from one Vision Prepaid Card to another for free

Get Cards For the Whole Family. Stay Connected.

Want to teach your teen or college student to manage money, but they’re not quite ready for a bank account? A Vision Prepaid card is perfect. Transfer money between cards for free.

Tax Refund

Have your Federal and State Tax Refunds Direct Deposited to your Vision Prepaid card. It’s free and you’ll get your refund much faster.


It’s easy. To Direct Deposit your tax refund to your card, just put your routing and account number on your tax return. Both numbers are on the back of your Vision Premier card, or can be found in your cardholder account at